Health Scientists detailing

Health Scientists detailing

Health Scientists detailing

Nutrimed has a leading part in health scientists detailing during the past few years and our staff can be considered as experts in the field. Our executives recruit and train highly skilled dietitians in order to undertake one-on-one meetings with carefully selected health professionals with the aim to brief them on the nutritional value of novel or circulating products. Nutrimed also undertakes the development of communication channels with health scientists (e.g. dietitians, medical doctors) and their approach.

Our experience in the field includes the following detailing activations:

• Amita EyZin juices (Coca Cola Hellenic)

• Loumidis and Nescafe coffee brands, Nesquik (Nestle)

• En Elladi meat products (Creta Farms)

• Dirollo cheese products (Optima SA)

• Alli non prescriptive drug (GSK)

• Benefibra supplement (Novartis)