Tuesday, May. 11, 2021

Scientific backup of nutritional products

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Scientific backup of nutritional products

Two of our main priorities in nutrimed are to scientifically endorse and communicate the nutritional characteristics of foods and to plan novel products with high nutritional value. In pursuing these priorities, our team of experts undertakes an in-depth literature review and we compare and contrast all recent published data regarding each product and its constituents, with the aim to deliver a monograph that will essentially play the role of its nutritional identity. Our next step is to develop consumer and scientific material for the public and health professionals, in order to improve their knowledge on the characteristics of each product. Some examples of our work that has been communicated to health professionals and the public have been mentioned above; however we refer to this list again because our satisfied customers are the main marketing policy of our company:

• Amita EyZin juices (Coca Cola Hellenic)

• Loumidis and Nescafe coffee brands, Nesquik (Nestle)

• En Elladi meat products (Creta Farms)

• Dirollo cheese products (Optima SA)

• Alli non prescriptive drug (GSK)

• Benefibra supplement (Novartis)